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Efeler Way is designed so that hikers/trekkers will reach an accommodation village at the end of each day. There is at least one Efeler Way friendly establishment in each of these villages. On the other hand, in each village, a symbol that was accepted by the local people and reflected the identity of the village was chosen and designed as the village seal. This seal system was implemented to set a goal for Efeler Way hikers/trekkers to make walking the path more attractive, to create a memory of the hiking, and on the other hand, to promote the natural beauties, historical and cultural values, and local products of the Efeler Way villages more effectively. If they wish, hikers/trekkers may obtain an Efeler Way Passport* from local friendly establishments, or Efeler Way official social media accounts associated with this website and have the relevant village logo stamped on their passports in the villages they reach.


Efeler Yolu passports are handmade special products. Each passport has a unique serial code for the individual. This number is manually stamped on each passport through a special thumbwheel switch and is unique to the individual. The village seal is applied wet to the relevant page of the passport by the Efeler Way friendly establishments in the relevant village. Hikers/trekkers who visit Efeler Way villages can have the village seals applied to their passports. However, individuals who manage to collect all the village seals and prove that they have walked the entire route and passed each stage from beginning to end by creating electronic traces in WIKILOC, FATMAP, ALLTRAILS or similar applications will have the Efeler Way gold seal stamped on the last page of their passports. The golden seal is a special Efeler Way stamp and is the final application of the entire seal system. Hikers/trekkers who request the golden seal submit their electronic traces via or and, if approved, mail their passports to the address below** via a courier. Passports with gold seals are sent back to the user via a prepaid cargo.


With these features, the Efeler Way passport and seal system is a first in the world.


* Efeler Way Passport costs 690 TL (i.e., 20 €), including all taxes.


For individual payments:

  • The number of passports you request,

  • Recipient name/surname,

  • Your identification number,

  • Your full address,

  • Your email address,

  • Your phone number and

  • Receipt of your payment


In company payments:

  • The number of passports you request,

  • Company name,

  • Company address,

  • Tax administration,

  • Tax number,

  • Email address,

  • Phone number and

  • Payment receipt


If you send the above information via or or DM on Efeler Way social media accounts, your products will be delivered to PTT Cargo within three workdays, “with payment in return” and then the cargo tracking number will be sent to you. For international requests, shipping fee belongs to the buyer.


P.S. To ensure that your requested passport reaches you in a safer manner, it is recommended that you cooperate with a Turkiye-related agency in your orders or order your passport to a domestic address in Turkiye (e.g., the hotel that you make a reservation in Izmir for your first night).





IBAN: TR12 0006 4000 0013 3760 2109 03

** Address: Ege University Campus, Ege Teknopark, Erzene Mah., Ankara Cad., No:172/67,

35100, Bornova/Izmir

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